Natural sun shading: ceiling options

House of Bamboo® offers a range of products suited for any shading need and perfect for creating a natural ambient or modern contemporary look

As anyone who enjoy their home’s outdoor area can attest, protecting from the sun is vital. House of Bamboo’s® offers a variety of products that not only offer natural sun shading but create impressive effects at the same time. These products are available in many different designs, from natural sustainable materials to designer laser cut screens.

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Bamboo Poles ceilings

Available in a variety of diamters and length, bamboo poles are a natural product that are useful for trimming in fencing, cladding projects and feature panels and can be stained and protected for outdoor use.

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Cane Reed shading

Frequently used in the south of France to provide shade during the summer months, Cane reed is a popular natural material compromising of reeds 16mm in thickness bound with stainless steel wire and of the natural bamboo colour.



Palm Fibre Ceilings

For a highly textured effect, look no further than palm fibre, which is a thick rolled leaf material that can be used imaginatively in contemporary settings.

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Natureed® Ceilings

Natureed® is a particularly popular product because of the natural feel that is created when used as a suspended ceiling or installed above, between or below beams, and its ability to be used with a variety of style in a variety of ways.

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The NatureShade® coomprises of an elegant curved Natureed® canopy held in a stainless frame adn attached to a single metal pole to enable the canopy to be rotated 360 degrees and angled up to 90 degrees.The screen can not only follow the sun but create amazing filtered light, brilliant for use near pools to shade the water or moved to nearby surrounds. NatureShade® can be constructed as a manual shade structure or automatic one operating under a remote controlled or solar powered winch.

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Written by Ben Nour

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