9 must-know tips for reroofing: ready for roofing


Did you know you can improve your home in myriad ways by reroofing? Monier give nine tips on things to consider when reroofing

Given that your roof is the largest surface area of your home and the first line of defence against our country’s harsh elements, reroofing can be the single greatest improvement to your home’s performance, energy efficiency and, of course, appearance.

  1. Here are some things to think about when reroofing:

  2. Say no to respray!

  3. Remember that a respray won’t fix any problems you may already have with your roof. Respraying is purely cosmetic and often doesn’t cost much less than a reroof.

  4. Get good advice and don’t rush yo ur decision.

  5. There are roofing displays, selection centres and roofing specialists nationwide where you can see roof tile samples, get roofing advice and a colour consultation.

  6. Understand that there is a difference between concrete and terracotta roof tiles.

  7. Each has their advantages. Terracotta, for example, is a premium roofing material and one of the only roofing materials where the colour does not fade over time.

  8. Consider the whole roof space.

  9. Used together, sarking, insulation and ventilation can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home. This saves you money on your energy bills and ensures more comfortable living conditions year-round.

  10. Consider the aesthetics.

  11. Think about maintaining the architectural look of the area you live in and the era of your house. In older regions of Australia, terracotta was used and is still the best way to ensure your roof looks fantastic for years to come.

  12. Colour choice.

  13. Choose the colour of your roof based on the complementary colours of the exterior of your house. As a guide, the roof makes up approximately 30 per cent of the total colour scheme of your home, with the walls making up 60 per cent and the trim and other finishes, 10 per cent. A useful tool for visualising colour schemes on houses can be found at colourtouch.com.au

  14. Don’t settle for just anyone to install your new roof.

  15. Installation is just as important as the roofing material chosen. Get it right the first time and look for a roofing specialist who is reputable and qualified.

  16. A-line ridging.

  17. If you’d like a sleek, contemporary look for your new roof, don’t forget about your ridging. An A-line ridge is a great addition to a modern roof.

  18. Install sarking.

  19. Many older roofs may have been installed without sarking, which provides additional insulation and protection to your home. You only get one chance to install sarking and that is when you are reroofing or installing a new roof.

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Originally from Home Renovation magazine, Volume 10.3

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