Renovating these rooms can add value to a property

Yes, re-painting and adding furniture to a property can add to its market value

But there’s something about adding or reinventing a space or a room on a property that makes it more valuable and more attractive to buyers. Here’s some of the rooms that when created or renovated correctly, can add immense value to a property.

Turning the Loft into a Functional Space

If you have a loft on your target property, put it to good use. From being an empty space, the loft can become the children’s bedroom, an office space, a studio, or simply a place used to re-energise and to disconnect from the world. However you want to the loft to be, always keep in mind what your target users will use it for. What it becomes then, in relation to functionality, can help boost the value of a property. And don’t forget: you can do the same for basements.

Adding an Extension

Extensions is another way for you to add value to a property. Not only does it create space in an otherwise cramped area; it also offers functionality. You can turn the room into any functional space you deem the property needs most. But keep in mind that while extensions are a flexible way for you to add space, you still need to consider council restrictions. You also need to make sure that you have enough budget to cover for the costs.

Renovating Your Kitchen

There’s plenty of opportunity to add value in the kitchen. For one, you can install energy-efficient appliances. Two, you can maximise storage. And three, you can update the backsplash and the countertops. You can even give it an entirely new look! The smallest change, provided that it’s relevant, can add value to the heart of every home.

Creating a Utility Room

If allowed by the floor plan, you can add a utility room. If not, you can divide an underutilised room for this purpose. You can then install a washing machine or a dishwasher and add a large sink to add functionality. In doing so, you can free up space in other rooms and divert domestic work into a specific area.

Open Up the Floor Plan

The idea is to not only permit for unlimited movement but to also make your property is more spacious, well-illuminated, and well-ventilated. It permits for an optimised way of living. But while the prospect of an open floor plan is enticing, it may not always be possible. That’s because walls serve to keep your property’s structure up. So think about your options when it comes to opening up space, like using sliding doors, without affecting your property’s structural integrity.

Add a Basement

When you’ve already built high enough above, then your only option is to go underground. Adding a basement offers an opportunity of not only having more space but also the chance to add function-specific rooms like a gym, swimming pool, a work studio, or an entertainment room. Then again, digging presents a challenging work, so you need to allow for more time for this to be completed.

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