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Despite offering its fair share of construction challenges, the beautiful surrounds of Pittwater provided an exceptional location for this pool.

This opulent and award-winning pool, approximately 4m x 6.5m, was constructed with major renovation works to the existing dwelling. The pool’s design, incorporated with the lower entertaining area, offers an inviting, beautiful and functional outlook to the waterfront views of Pittwater.

The interior has been fully lined in a striking light blue mosaic an inviting contrast to the stone coping and timber finishes. The pool’s design incorporates a long step area coupled with spa jets and swim jets for both relaxation and exercise.

Gas heating is supplied on demand and there’s a complete security blanket custom-made to incorporate the pool’s unique design. The security blanket system retracts into its purpose-built tank, covered by a beautiful timber deck, which not only offers opulence but a practical approach to access.

This site offered many challenges for the construction process, including limited space due to council restrictions as well as steep, limited access from the street, which required equipment and material to be taken to the site via a barge. The relative closeness to the water also created more challenges due to the tidal flow, which influenced the construction progress.

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