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Getting Plan Approved Advic

Planning your ideal home: 5 top tips


So you&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;ve decided it&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;s time for a new start for your home. Knock down and rebuild, renovation, or building from scratch, your house plans are going to be essential to the overall build of your new abode. To ensure you know precisely what you&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;re doing, here are five of our top tips about planning for a new home build.

How to… Get your plans approved

Making plans that will get approved

There are lots of consideration that goes into approving plans, so it&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;s important to be aware of the processes and essential elements of plan approval from the very start of your house plan process. This article has what you need to know.

Custom home building

Consider a custom build

Custom builds gives amateur home builders the safety of pre-thought-out designs with the flexibility for personal touches and customization that truly makes a home your own. This article has three options for every budget (low, medium, and luxury), proving that custom build homes are a viable option for every home builder. A good option if you&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;re struggling with the immensity of home planning as an amateur!

Do I need a professional building designer?

Do you need designer input?

DIY projects can give a huge sense of accomplishment and ownership over the final product, but planning your home without expert advice can be a situation that pushes the DIY enjoyment beyond it&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;s reasonable limits.

Designers are trained to know all the ins-and-outs of house planning, especially those little details that, if overlooked, can have profound effects on the finished home. Before you decide to plan your house alone, this article may be well worth your time&

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Designing a legacy

Consider more than just doors and walls

Inevitably, there&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;s more to a home than the basic brick-and-mortar that makes up the structure. When planning house plans, it&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;s important to consider what you want your home to mean to you- and the future generations that will get the opportunity to grow older within the walls of your house. Often overlooked for more quantitative design and planning requirements, looking in to how to plan for legacy is an interesting factor to add into your house plan deliberations.

Expert Advice: Ask our architect

Ask the experts


Innovative splashback design ideas

;s a large collection of CompleteHome advice from planning, to building, to designing. It&

Innovative splashback design ideas

;s a good idea to researching what you want in your home so that you have a clear idea of your ideal final product during the planning stage. Also look into advice columns, Q&A blogs and even contact any local experts that you feel will assist your house plans.

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