Four bold stair styles for your home

Staircases are an important structural facet of any multi-level home. But few take time to consider designing their stairs to be something a little more extraordinary. Get inspired!


Spiral staircases aren’t just for pokey castle or cathedral towers – check out this modern update on a classic, using white smooth surfaces and quality timber to create a contemporary look.


We love the use of the timber slats shielding this staircase. Emphasizing form and natural materials, this look is sure to be a feature in any room.


We love the mix of timber, steel and glass in this floating staircase. The combination is industrial and modern, and using the floating timber stairs creates a light and laid-back effect.


Nothing beats a classic combination of simple design and quality timber – we love this dark polished staircase, and how it opens up the space.

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Written by Lauren Farquhar

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