Open and Shut

Open and Shut


Turning a deck or gazebo into an outdoor room is easy – just add shutters or blinds

Whether you have a pergola, patio, deck or verandah, turning your outdoor area into an outdoor room is easy with a range of shutters and blinds tailor-made for the Australian outdoors.

With the flexibility to control the exposure to the elements, shutters and blinds not only help to create an outdoor living area for all seasons, but they can also turn your patio or deck into its own private room.

There’s an array of shutters and blinds on the market to suit every style and budget. From contemporary and modern designs to the more traditional and classic pieces, there’s a shutter or blind to accommodate every style of garden.

Most manufacturers will custom design shutters and blinds to match your specifications of material, colour and design. There are also ready-made shutters and blinds, and with most companies boasting a durable and weather-resistant range, you really can’t go wrong when selecting shutters and blinds for your outdoor space.

Timber shutters
Perfect for a deck or gazebo, timber shutters are a popular choice when it comes to outdoor areas. Sturdy and durable, timber shutters not only provide adequate protection from the elements, but with a number of variations when it comes to colour and craftsmanship, timber shutters will suit most outdoor areas, becoming part of the overall look and feel of your space and providing warmth, beauty and style. Timber shutters are an excellent way to control the amount of light and airflow your outdoor room receives. Being easy to use is another advantage, as is the flexibility of installation with timber shutters able to be fitted internally, externally, hinged, sliding or bi-folding.

Plantation shutters
A practical solution, plantation shutters provide protection from the elements while enabling an uninterrupted passage of cool air. Plantation shutters are designed to encourage air flow and were traditionally fitted to the outside of a window opening. The term “plantation” has today evolved and now refers to most timber shutters.

Aluminium shutters
Providing strength and durability, aluminium shutters will add a modern touch to your outdoor area. To ensure they stand up to the extremes of the Australian climate and for longevity, choose shutters that are made from commercial-grade aluminium and have an anodised or UV-resistant powder-coated finish. Shutters can be installed as windows or more like doors/screens, either sliding, stacking or fixed.

Louvre shutters
Manufactured from high-grade, architectural-quality extruded aluminium, louvre shutters are commonly used as balcony shutters and come in a variety of configurations including bi-fold, sliding, hinged, fixed, stand-off, awning and stacking. The louvres can be adjusted so you can control the amount of natural light coming in or keep wind and rain out.

Venetian blinds
Available in aluminium and timber, venetian blinds come in a variety of bright, bold colours and metallics, and will add a brilliant splash of colour to any outdoor space. The streamlined look of aluminium makes it ideal for the contemporary home, while the timelessness and natural warmth of timber makes it perfect for most patios, decks and pergolas. Available in different finishes, timber venetians are ideal for both formal and casual outdoor living spaces. The added advantage of venetian blinds is you have complete control over the amount of sunlight entering the space. And for a bit of privacy you can angle the blinds so you can see out but no one can see in.

Roller blinds
Practical and affordable, you can’t go wrong with roller blinds. Well suited to any outdoor area, roller blinds can be chosen to harmonise with your surroundings or make a bold fashion statement. Available in an array of colours and styles, there’s a fabric to suit every need. From those that gently filter through light to those that provide complete block-out, roller blinds have been designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and are versatile in every sense of the word.

Vertical blinds
For complete control over the angle and amount of privacy and light, you can’t go past vertical blinds. Whether you’re after a casual, relaxed look or a more formal setting, there’s a vertical blind to suit any outdoor space. And with an endless choice of colours, patterns and designs, as well as translucent and block-out fabrics, vertical blinds are the easy choice when it comes to patios, decks and pergolas.

Roman blinds
Providing a more casual, clean-cut contemporary look, roman blinds are suited to a setting with modern décor. Available in a wide range of fabrics, roman blinds are stylish and practical. Choose from a soft layered pleat or flat panel effect. Roman blinds will provide a clear view when fully open and total privacy when drawn, offering either light-filtering or room-darkening options.

Panel blinds
Innovative and versatile, panel blinds are ideal for large windows or doors and are a practical and stylish choice when it comes to patios, decks and pergolas. Whether you’re after fabric or a natural wood-weave finish, panel blinds will add a relaxed style to your outdoor setting, offering a simple yet natural beauty. The tall, vertical panels stack neatly to one side for unobstructed views during the day and glide effortlessly closed for privacy or at night.

Automatic sun blinds
Designed especially for patios, sun blinds are stylish and engineered to keep the sun at bay. Available in canvas, acrylic or mesh, sun blinds work with a pull-down stick operation for ease and convenience.

With such a wide variety when it comes to shutters and blinds, turning your patio, deck or pergola into its own outdoor room has never been easier. And with an endless choice of colours, designs and fabrics to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right shutters and blinds for your outdoor space. So no matter what the weather brings, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio, deck or pergola year-round.